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I Deserve A Makeover!Contest Period <Aug – Oct 2011>

Ask and you may receive! In this contest, our fans submitted full shot pictures of their pre-makeover look and shared with us their reason (in less than 50 words) why they deserve a style makeover. Shortlisted pictures were posted our Facebook page for public voting. Each winner walked away with RM500 worth of shopping vouchers, a free style makeover and a feature in Seventeen magazine!

Here’s the outcome of the contest:


I deserve a makeover because I still don’t know what clothes and style that suits me best and how to mix and match my clothes after 22 years of life! Some clothes I have repeat almost more than a year. Even having nice clothes, I think i didn’t use it at its fullest potential. A makeover would be definitely good way to help me!!

~ Chin Ji Shia

I believe being beautiful is about finding your very own style. It is the one thing which I have not found, I hope Kitschen helps me!

~ Khoo Yin Ching, Denise

A style makeover is essential for a 19-year-old college girl like me to equip myself with the know-hows on the latest fashion. I would learn the best clothing and accessories which fit me most comfortably and then wave goodbye to the hours spent on choosing a piece of clothes everyday!

~ Fong Sze Hui

Few months ago, i was fat. But now finally i slim down, i deserve to have a style makeover because i think when i have a fit body shape then i can carry the shirts of Kitschen nicely and can make myself smarter.

~ Qinyu Laig

I dare to dream, and stick to my target even though the road I taken is tough. This just make my life more wonderful because I live with no regrets. I take the opportunity and hope to deserve this chance to a makeover

~ Kellie Wee

I deserve a style makeover because I want to have my own style in different characteristics and outstanding personality. Style is the combination of creative fashion to produce a stunning makeover.

~ Ng Ming Kun, Winston

Winners' Fashion Spread

Winners' Photo shoot (Behind the scenes)